The Snow Queen

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(Photo by Leslie Evans Photography)

TheSnow Queen

Killearn Performing Arts eleventh production of The Snow Queen will perform Friday February 17 at 7:30 p.m., and Saturday February 18 at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m.

This production is a retelling of the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson set to Irish dance and music. The suite of 18 dances features over 50 students who study Irish and modern dance at Killearn Performing Arts and the Tallahassee Irish Step Dancers.

The Snow Queen has become an annual holiday event in Tallahassee. Every dance studio presents the Nutcracker for the holidays, but The Snow Queen also has timeless elements of good triumphing over evil, terrific characters, and powerful Irish music, both traditional and contemporary as its score. The 2015 production featured new choreography and music for several dances and increases the spectacle of the already beautiful costumes and lighting.

The basic adapted story concerns a girl, Colleen, who must journey to the palace of the Snow Queen to rescue Patrick, who came under her influence when a shard of a powerful mirror which was created by an evil demon was broken and fell into his heart and eye. Colleen's journey includes a visit to the Spring Queen and her garden of flowers; directions from two comic crows; a visit to the court of the Summer Queen and King and their court; capture by the Robber Girl and the Fall Queen and their band of Robbers; battle with a Snow Beast, and befriending a Reindeer who takes her to rescue Patrick and the Frozen Boys at the palace of the Snow Queen. Colleen's purity of heart conquers the evil Snow Queen and thaws the hearts of Patrick and the boys who return to theirhappy village.

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