Drama/Musical Theatre Classes


Drama/Musical Theatre for Kids & Teens (Mon. 6:00-7:00)This class focuses on the acting skills needed for straight and musical theatre styles. Classwork includes extensive work in improvisation, pantomime, imagination, vocal and physical acting techniques. The Monday class is taught by Shannon O'Bryan, current director of the Chiles High Schoool Theatre program, and local theatre director.In the fall,the class will work primarily on acting skills and rehearse scenes to perform at the studio.In the spring, the class will work on musical theatre techniques including singing, dancing and acting and prepare a selection to be performed in the KPA Spring recital.


Musical Theatre Dancefor Teens & Adults (Wed. 7:00-8:00) is taught by local theatre choreographer David Jones. This class features the dance techniques, styles and choreography commonly found in musical theatre productions including jazz, ballroom, and partnering styles. This class will perform in the KPA Spring recital.

IMG 1959

(2011 Class performs "Hair" for KPA Spring recital)

IMG 2218

(2012 Combined Class presents Rapunzel Uncut One Act Play)


(2012 Class performs Mary Poppins for Spring Recital)

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